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Free Plant Consultation & Advice

For landscapers and property developers


At Fullbrook Nursery, we grow an enviable range of high-quality plants, which means that our clients are sometimes spoilt for choice!

If you’re not sure where to start, or are undecided about the perfect plants for your project, why not start with some free advice?


For a limited time, we’re offering our landscape clients and trade customers a free 1-hour consultation with Gaynor, our resident horticulturist.


For our complimentary one-to-one consultations available every Friday at G-Scapes, choose your session or check availability by speaking to one of our friendly team members. 

Book a consultation today

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Meet Gaynor

Free horticulturist advice for trade customers at Fullbrook If you’re a commercial or domestic landscaper or property developer, you might sometimes find it tricky to choose from the varieties of perennials, grasses, topiary and feature specimens, plus all the ornamental and native trees, shrubs and hedges we have here at Fullbrook Nursery.


That’s why we’ve asked Gaynor, our resident horticulturist, to help you choose the right plants for your space and style.

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About Gaynor

Gaynor is a passionate horticulturist with over 20 years’ experience.

Over the years, she’s been commissioned by homeowners, commercial designers and property developers to assist with their planting projects.


Her hands on experience of working on garden projects, combined with her invaluable, in-depth plant knowledge helps position the right plants in the right place, to create beautiful bespoke planting schemes for clients.


Should you require Gaynor’s horticultural help for larger projects, her planting designs and planting services are also available to purchase, with fees based on the project size. Just get in touch for more information.

2D or 3D Designs available
Priced by project size

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